I had the pleasure of interviewing entrepreneur, business expert and brand specialist Glen Carlson of Dent Global for my upcoming book called Engineer Your Business. I wanted to interview Glen to explore the potential for driving income growth into a business by building a strong brand.

What started out as a short discussion about brand turned into an hour of great business insights from Glen. You can hear the full audio recording and read the captions of the entire interview here:

Glen Carlson founded Dent Global in 2010 with his great friend and business partner Daniel Priestley. Dent Global delivers a number of different business accelerator programs and specialist services for companies of all sizes, extending all the way from small businesses to major corporations. These award-winning programs are recognised around the world for their contribution to success in business, for example the Huffington Post called Dent Global’s Key Person of Influence program “The world’s leading personal brand accelerator”. Glen graciously agreed to help me out with my book research, for which I am very grateful.