EVOLVE Package


Welcome to our EVOLVE Package.

E: Establish where you are now
V: Verify your numbers
O: Opportunities for income growth
L: Look for cost savings
V: Value add with systems & processes
E: Evolution – where to from here?

The Engineer Your Business EVOLVE Package is designed to help you get from where you are in your business to where you want to be

Research shows that more than half of the businesses started today will have ceased to exist five years from now. Major reasons for business failure include:

  • Ineffective marketing
  • Ignoring customer needs
  • Poor financial management
  • Insufficient capital
  • Poor location
  • Lack of a clear vision and plan
  • Growing too fast
  • Poor leadership
  • Inefficiency and repetition (no systems)
  • No knowledge of the true state of their business

Of those businesses that do manage to survive, more than 1 in 5 businesses in Australia don’t make a profit!

What’s the solution to these challenges?
1. Stop working too hard for not enough reward.
Experience the freedom of a business that runs more efficiently and generates more profit but takes up less of your time
2. Leverage the power of your business and translate it into growth and profits. Nobody knows your business better than you do
3. Engineer the optimum solutions for the key areas in your business to maximise your efficiency, minimise your time and supercharge your profits

The EVOLVE Package includes:

  • The Engineer Your Business physical book
  • Six videos taking you through the steps in the EVOLVE framework
  • The EVOLVE workbook to use for your own business, in a smart & interactive pdf format
  • Access to the calculators and resources in the Engineer Your Business Toolbox

Big outcomes can be achieved without making large changes to your business – simply tweaking a few levers can yield massive results in the performance of your business. The cumulative effect of each of these tweaks builds one on top of the other, dramatically magnifying the outcome. See how changing just a few KPIs in a business by just 10% can have an impact of 61% on the final profit!
This package presents a simple 6-step process, designed to quickly and easily identify areas of challenge in your business and implement rapid change to drive profit growth and efficiency.


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